Keiser® Functional Trainer. Unilateral Rotational Pushing Power

Rotational power for the athlete has become a focus of attention over the last several years, and rightly so. So many sports (let alone athletic movement patterns) find so much of the primary athletic skills as well as general movement patterns and injury reduction needs occurring in this plane.

In sports, it is imperative to train both rotation pressing and rotational pulling. Featured in this video is a standing variation with a 90˚ rotational pressing pattern. Note the sequencing of the weight transfer from the floor through the hips, creating a stretch shortening cycle through the core and finally allowing the the transfer to the upper body in order to be released through arm.

One other item to note is the foot positioning. The trail leg should be allowed to pivot and rotate is it moves into triple extension, however enforcing the front foot position remaining square to encourage full internal hip rotation expression and mobility is a key factor for many sporting patterns.

Utilizing the Keiser Functional Trainers are a wonderful option as it allows full power expression and speeds due to no recoil of the cable for safety. But more importantly, the use of the Power displays allow for rep to rep wattage and athlete effort gauges.

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