Keiser® Functional Trainer Tennis Rotation Core

Rotation Core Stability and Strength are a key component to generating, sequencing and utilizing rotation force generating from the ground up through the torso to the racket and finally into impact through the ball.

Force lost in transfer through poor sequencing and energy leaks (energy lost in weak segments of the core) leads to lack of power production (at its best) and increase risk for structural breakdown (at its worst).

Shown here: Rotational Lift Standing Segemental 3 Points

Coaching Points:

1. Feet Shoulder width and parallel (do not widen feet until shoulder width mastered)

2. Grip: firm and equidistant from ends of bar

3. Transverse Abs drawn in

4. Rotate from hips and thoracic spine while maintaining spine angle.

2-4 Sets8-12 Reps

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